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Yes, I do take commission in Persian miniature, Islamic Illumination and lacquer painting. Please contact me, and please include your preferences and the features of the painting you would like. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Do you take any commission?


What is your payment policy for a commission?

Payment for the commission is submitted through an invoice and paid via Paypal or bank transfer. All the commission project payments are due in two parts, a 50% non-refundable payment is due prior to work beginning. The second half of the project payment is delivered at commission completion before the work is dispatched and delivered. 


Do you have any print available for sale?

In the meantime, the print will be only available on request. You can simply contact me and include the title of the painting you would like. 


Do you sell any original work? How do I have to place my order? And how should pay?

Yes, I do. Just drop me an email via the contact page to get the quote and the details regarding the delivery options based on the destination. 

Once you decide about the work, you just need to make a payment. Payment for an original work will be at once, through an invoice and paid via Paypal or bank transfer. 

The art work will be delivered to you home country/town, once you make sure your country allows delivery for artwork. care and shipping cost will be on costumer. 


Do all the courses take place online?

No, I do have classroom courses, but meantime, due to the Covid-19 all the courses are taking place online.

Yes, every session will be recoded. After each session, everyone will receive the access link to the recoding. So, in case you miss a class or want to watch again, you would be able to catch up. 


Would the class be recorded in the online courses?


Due to the time difference, I am not be able to attend the online classes. Can I buy the recordings?

Yes, if you would like to participate in an upcoming course, you can totally rely on the recordings and work with rest of the class step by step. In case you would like to buy the recordings of my previous courses, please consider that only some courses are available for sale. Please contact me with the name of the course title, and I will be able to advise you more. 

What We Do


How should I register for a course?

Simply find the course you would like, click on the register bottom and add in to your basket. You will be taken to the payment page and just follow the instructions.

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