The courses aim to not only make you familiar with the beauty of this art, but also teach you in an authentic way. These courses do not just focus on the techniques, they provide you with required knowledge and skill of drawing 



02 Jul - 20 Aug

(Every Saturday)


4pm- 6pm


Course Fee:

£210 for SOAS Students 

£250 for non-SOASians


Persian Miniature Course:


A course organised by the Iranian Arts Society,


In this course you will learn:

  • How to draw horses

  • How to draw lions

  • How to draw gazelles

  • How to draw rabbits

  • Drawing a few postures of each

  • Preparing paper for the painting

  • Outlining and painting two of the animals mentioned

  • Shading and rendering fine details

Following a line of gradual development, students will be guided to practice several  stages of drawing to colouring and outlining the selected animals. The course runs in 8 weeks with each session lasting 120 minutes. The classes will be held in a group format; however, students are welcome to send their practices to our tutor and receive instructions and corrections individually. Furthermore, if you wish to rely on the recorded class, you will get the full support and guidance from our tutor throughout the course. 

No background in arts is necessary; so beginners are welcome too. 

Animals in Persian miniature paintings will be the focus point of this practice-based course. Among the most repeatedly depicted animals in Persian Miniature painting, four of them have been chosen to be explored: Horses, Lions, Gazelles and Rabbits.

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Persian Miniature

Organised by Iranian Arts Society, SOAS

Learn how to draw, paint, outline and shade various natural elements as seen in Persian miniatures. 


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Human figures .jpg



Persian Miniature 

Organised by Iranian Arts Society, SOAS

Learn to construct a proportional building, arrange decorative panels, draw geometric and biomorphic pattens in context, and how to paint, outline and shade them.

Human figure


Persian Miniature

Organised by Iranian Arts Society, SOAS

Learn to draw proportional figures and the facial details, decorate their garments, paint, outline and render the fine details