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Islamic Illumination Course (Safavid border)

Among various compositions of Islamic illumination, this practice- based course focuses on one of the most significant masterpieces of the Safavid style (a 16th-century illuminated Quran) as a basis to teach Islamic Illumination techniques and skills. The course aims to

instruct how simply to analyse, draw and paint this beautiful border from the Ruzbihan Quran. Participants will practice various steps of making an illumination work; from preparing the paper towards a completed work.


Students will learn lessons such as:

  • Drawing individual motifs in the given border including:

             Khataei motifs (Flowers and leaves)
             Islimi motifs (the motifs located in the internal lobed frames)

  • Preparing the paper; dying, sizing and burnishing procedures

  • How to calculate and construct the border structure

  • Tracing the patterns on our prepared papers

  • Gilding, mixing and applying colours

  • How to draw and add the needle-like motifs

  • Delicate outlining and shading the motifs

  • How to elaborate the narrow decorative borders (including the weaving

pattern) and complete the work

Islamic Illumination Course (Safavid border)

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