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Islamic Illumination Course: Khataei

About the Course 


“Islamic‐Iranian illumination” course is designed to immerse participants in magical patterns and colours of old illustrated manuscripts. Inherited by various visual cultures in the Islamic realm, the tradition of Islamic Illumination has over centuries yielded diverse styles each of which fed by a different aesthetic taste. Iranian style of Islamic illumination is an eye‐catching case in point.

     Among diverse types of illumination, this practice‐based course focuses on one of the most significant and common forms of Islamic Illumination, Khataei (flowers and leaves) and aims to familiarise pupils with various steps of making an illumination work; from making the materials towards a finished work. In addition to a brief historical‐theoretical introduction of the Iranian tradition of Islamic illumination, the course comprises a number of lessons that students may engage in at the same time:

1. Drawing individual motifs 

2. Preparing the paper; dying, sizing and burnishing procedures

3. Creating a composition

4. Tracing the patterns on the prepared papers

5. Applying the colours and Gilding

6. Delicate outlining and Shading

Islamic Illumination Course: Khataei

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