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Persian Miniature Course:  A Complete Scene (Majlis)

The course focuses on the painting of a complete scene in Persian miniature chosen from the Qazvin copy of Shahnama (the Persian Book of Kings, 1576-1577) and will cover all the various techniques required.


If you were my student before, this is a perfect opportunity to level up your skills by working on a full miniature painting where nature, architecture, human figure and animals are all gathered together. Should you have not been my student before, some background in drawing would be enough to take the course, and enjoy the painting.

In this course we will paint and learn all the techniques you may need to complete a  Persian miniature scene including rendering the fine details of every single pictorial elements, and brush techniques. We are going to duplicate the painting in a way that is as similar as possible to the original. Together, we will touch upon the story behind the illustrated scene, looking at how it has been visualised.

Persian Miniature Course: A Complete Scene (Majlis)


Saturdays, 10 Feb -30 Mar 2024

16:00- 18:00 (GMT)

The course will be held on 8 consecutive Saturdays

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