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Persian Miniature Course: The Natural World

The course is designed to take the participants on a pleasant journey to the natural world in Persian Miniature paintings. Where you can practice the elements of nature as well as the birds represented in these paintings.

The course will be started with an introduction to Persian miniature paintings looking at a couple of examples of the main schools to see how the nature is depicted. Also, during our practical lessons, participants will become more familiar with the conventions of nature in the Īlkhānīd, Timūrīd, and Safavīd schools.


In this course, you will learn:


  • How to draw the details of nature (Clouds, Trees, Flowers, Shrubs and River)
  • How to draw some of the most repeated birds in Persian Miniatures
  • How to use these elements in a composition
  • How to prepare the paper for painting
  • How to transfer our painting into the prepared paper
  • How to blend and apply the colour
  • How to use the brush techniques: outlining, shading and rendering the fine details




The course will be running online in 8 consecutive weeks with each session lasting 120 minutes. The classes will be held in a group format; however, participants will be able to send their practices to our tutor and receive the feedback individually.


The course is designed to introduce the basic techniques of making a Persian miniature and move forward step by step; however, participants with previous knowledge and skill will be given the instruction based on their level of experience. So, all levels of skills are welcome.

Please note that the course will be recorded and you will receive the access link within a few hours after the live session. If you wish to rely on the recorded class, you will get the full help and support from our tutor during the course. 


You will receive the list of the required materials once you register.

Persian Miniature Course: The Natural World

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