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Persian Miniature Painting:  Architecture of Mosques and Madrasas

Buildings and interior spaces have long been key elements of Persian miniature painting. The presence of these elements in paintings are to celebrate the art of decoration in the given culture: an art mirrored in another art!


The course focuses on the representation of the mosques and madrasas and how they visually differ from other buildings in Persian miniature paintings, as well as the various intricate ornamentations on facade and interior spaces.

In this course you will learn:


  • How to construct a building in Persian miniature
  • How to arrange the decorative panels
  • How to draw the geometric and biomorphic patterns in context
  • How to prepare the paper for painting
  • What are the colouring techniques applied in various ornamented surfaces
  • How to outline and render the fine details



The course will be running in 8 consecutive weeks with each session lasting 120 minutes. During the course, participants will be able to send their practices to our tutor and receive the instructions and feedback individually. No background in arts is necessary, so beginners are also welcome. 

Please note that the course will be recorded and you will receive the access link within a few hours after the live session. If you wish to rely on the recorded class, you will get the full help and support from our tutor during the course. 

The list of the required and optional materials will be sent to you right after the registration.


The registration deadline is 30 Aug 2023. For registration and more information about the course please email us on



Early Bird registration will get £15 discount, If you register by 17 June 2023!

Persian Miniature Painting: Architecture of Mosques and Madrasas

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